Bane Workout: How to Train Like Tom Hardy


If you’re a fan of Batman, especially the newer movies, you’ve probably come across Bane. He is a mysterious revolutionary who got excommunicated from League of Shadows and now calls himself the liberator of pain.

Tom Hardy played the character of Bane well, and many of the scenes show him with rippling muscles and a body that doesn’t quit.

Some people have speculated that it was airbrushed or CGI to give him that body. The truth is that he worked out hard almost every day before filming and during to look that good.

Because of that, many people now want to learn more about the ‘Bane workout’ so that they can get in shape like the menacing supervillain who wanted to destroy Gotham.

How to Train Like Tom Hardy

While Tom Hardy has always had a fantastic body, he did put in a lot of extra exercise time to get the muscles and torso you see in the movie. While his character Bane may have had to wear a mask with analgesic powers to relieve pain from a previous injury, Hardy focuses on an exercise routine that is challenging yet safe when done correctly.

He also had to gain weight for the movie, approximately 30 pounds, but fans who want to look like him don’t necessarily have to gain weight; they can still get a strong musculature that fits their profile.

While Hardy chose to stick with a similar routine that he uses all the time, he did swap some movements and had to change his diet for the role he played.

Play on the Muscle-Confusion Technique

When asked by Men’s Fitness about Hardy’s transformation, they said that his training took an unconventional approach to the muscle-confusion technique. They split up his workouts into shorter sessions that he completed four times a day.

He preferred to workout first thing in the morning, after lunch, early evening, and right before bedtime. His workouts lasted about 20 minutes each and focused primarily on strength training.

While you’re probably raring to go and want to start the routine just like Hardy, beginners should focus on a morning an evening routine and build themselves up to four times per day. Along with such, some people don’t have time to fit in four workouts, so the two-workout-a-day can make it easier to find time to do and can help you build lean muscle mass.

Body Type

It’s essential to know that every person who does the bane workout routine isn’t going to have the same body type as Bane. In fact, Hardy has large traps and a wide back, but he isn’t necessarily ripped. Therefore, this workout focuses more on power than six-pack abs and huge muscles.

bane workout program

The Complete Bane Workout

The focus here is on getting huge biceps, traps, back, and upper body. It’s also essential to note that you’re doing the workout two times a day. However, those who just don’t have 20 minutes in the morning and evening can easily do both workouts at once, giving them a one-time 40-minute workout each day. Along with such, you could also break it up into a 5×5 regimen where you do five sets of five repetitions, giving yourself up to four minutes between sets.


  • Floor Clean/Push Press – Because the shoulders have to be enlarged and muscular, this exercise puts on some serious mass everywhere in the shoulder area. Just clean the bar from on the floor using your legs, hips, and shoulder rotation, catching the bar on the shoulders. Perform a slight bump with the legs, pressing the bar over the head with your arms, deltoids, and traps.
  • Wide-Grip Upright Row – Don’t forget the middle deltoids, as they still have to be muscular and larger. With a spin on the traditional upright row, you work more of the shoulders. Grip the bar or dumbbell up to 12 inches wider than the width of your shoulders and pull up using your elbows.
  • Double Plait Raise – Take two plates and hold them together at the waist. Raise the arms slowly and controlled to about shoulder level. The plates are likely to want to slip, but keeping them together is part of the exercise. This works the pectoral muscles, as well as the shoulders and biceps.


  • Decline Bench Press Close-Grip – This exercise is performed the same as traditional close-grip bench presses, but you are in a declined position where your head is lower than the rest of the body. Lift the barbell and hold it at arms’ length. Bring the bar to the chest slowly and extend the elbows back up.
  • Barbell Curl (Seated) – Sit on an appropriate surface with the barbell on your lap. Curl the arm upwards completely, but do not lower the barbell all the way or rest the barbell on your leg.


  • Full-range Squats – Stand up straight with your feet about hip-width apart. If possible, hold a barbell or two dumbbells at the collarbone or with the arms fully extended toward the floor. Slowly squat down with your knees pointing over (not past) the toes. Continue down until you are as close to the floor as possible. If you can’t do a full-range squat, you can go as low as possible or reduce the amount of weight.
  • Modified Glute-Ham Raise – If your gym doesn’t have an appropriate bench, you can use an angled bench to perform this move. Keep the knees on the bench with the feet tucked back behind you. Extend the body until you’re lying horizontal to the floor. Pull yourself back up, staying in the horizontal position. This also works the abdominal muscles.

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Tom Hardy’s Diet Plan

Since your goal is to look similar to Bane, you’re going to have to eat like him. While you can eat a lot of whatever you like, it’s best to stay away from fat and carbs, as they can make the body look flabby, even when it’s fit. The goal here is to increase your calories throughout the bulking phase, which can be up to 6,000 calories a day, depending on the person.

To play the character, Bane, Hardy had to weight approximately 200 pounds and had three months to do it. Therefore, he chose a lot of high-calorie foods that still held nutritional value.

People on a caloric surplus will like my write up on the vertical diet. It is similar to the type of foods Tom Hardy ate to get huge.


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