John Krasinski Full Body Workout Routine and Diet Plan


While you may be unfamiliar with John Krasinski, you have probably seen him in the hilarious comedy The Office and know him as Jim. While he’s been in many movies and shows since then, that quirky guy who always pranked Dwight and had an easy-going life with a few bumbles here and there has changed drastically to look more fit and toned (and rugged).

While he may never be a heartthrob with bulging muscles that go on for days, he’s ripped enough to suit his body type and play on 13 Hours and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

While some may claim (coldheartedly) that the character of Ryan isn’t a superhero, he is as iconic as James Bond or Jason Bourne. He doesn’t have superpowers, but he’s a do-gooder that tries to do the right thing. Krasinski plays Ryan, who was a former Marine that worked a desk job, but he found some anomalies that led him straight to the action.

Get the Krasinski/Ryan Body

John weighs about 190 pounds and is 6’3” tall. He’s slightly above average for most men who play superheroes because he’s not the shortest or tallest of them all. While he always kept himself fit and worked out, playing an office clown didn’t require that he have six-pack abs or bulging muscles. Therefore, he primarily stuck with light weight-training a few times a week.

However, when he was chosen for the role of Jack Ryan, he knew he had to get ripped to get the part. Instead of focusing on just strength moves, Krasinski worked various muscle groups each day while always adding in plenty of cardio. The goal was to give him a well-rounded appearance similar to Marine training, as that was the character he most recently played.

john krasinski workout

John Krasinski Workout Routine

Krasinski chose a workout routine that was brutal and hard, but it worked for him. He knew he had to get fit fast and he also likes pushing himself to the extreme. It included a lot of metabolic work because it’s designed to work multiple muscles and keep you going strong, even when it does get tough.

Krasinski always says his favorite exercise is the bench press because he thinks of it as a game rather than a workout. However, he hated the Bulgarian split squat, both of which are explained below.

His workout plan consisted of two-a-day workouts, five times a week. It includes tons of cardio, as well as sled pushes and typical bodybuilding routines, as well. If you’re a beginner, you may want to keep it at one workout a day, five times a week. You can even cut it down to two or three days a week and build yourself up. It’s also essential that you discuss your ideas with your doctor to get helpful tips.


Always add in up to 60 minutes of cardio for the first session, regardless of the muscles you work that day.

  • Barbell Bench Presses – Lie on your back with hands resting on the barbell, about shoulder-width or a little farther apart. Lift straight up without locking out the elbows and slowly lower the bar to right above the nipples, keeping the elbows at 90-degrees. Repeat this movement flow four times, with 10, eight, five, and three reps. You can choose to use the same weight each time or go heavier as you do fewer reps.
  • Hex Press – While holding dumbbells, lie on your back (on a bench or appropriate surface). Place the weights over the chest with the elbows sticking slightly outward from the body. Raise the arms with the weights touching, though don’t lock out the elbows. Slowly lower the arms back to your sides. Perform three sets of 10 reps each.

Total Body Training

  • Push-ups – While not considered a sexy move, push-ups work the entire body if you do it correctly. Lie face-down on the floor with your head in alignment and your hands on the floor with the elbows out to the side. Engage the core muscles (abs), and use the chest muscles to push you up from the floor, keeping the body in line. Slowly lower back to the floor without resting. Repeat three sets of 10 reps each. There are also many variations that can work more or different muscles.
  • Box Jumps – To perform the move, stand in front of a box or elevated surface. Warm up by explosively raising the heels and swinging your arms overhead. Bend the knees slightly and jump up onto the box while raising your arms over your head to give momentum. When ready, jump down to the starting position. Perform this move three times at 20 reps each.


  • Bulgarian Split Squat – Krasinski’s dreaded move works all the muscles in the upper legs and glutes. Stand with one foot on the ground and one on a bench or other elevated surface, putting most of your weight in the foot on the ground. Slowly bend the grounded knee to 90-degrees, keeping the knee over but not past the big toe. Bend the elevated knee as close to the ground as you can. Perform four sets of 10, eight, five, and three reps. This move happens with or without weight.
  • Thrusters – While holding a barbell with appropriate weight, hold the barbell with the palms facing outward at the collarbone with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Squat down with excellent form until your knees are at 90 degrees. Stand up with a propelled motion while you lift the barbell over the head. Then bring the barbell to the starting position. Perform three sets of 10 reps each.

john krasinski diet

What the John Krasinski Diet Consists of

Because Krasinski prefers to do longer workouts each day and take a few rest days. He focuses primarily on replenishing his body with healthy carbs and protein throughout the day. This option allows the body to repair itself after such grueling work. It also keeps his metabolism charged to burn fat and build muscle.

John also says that chicken, salad, and plenty of water were always on the menu. This helped him get those smooth muscles and get leaner. When he started his training program, he had about 25 percent body fat. By the time he started filming, he was down to nine percent body fat, which is amazing.


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