RAD 140 (Testolone): Review of it’s Side Effects, Dosage, and Results


RAD 140, AKA Testolone, is a powerful SARM that is making waves in the bodybuilding industry. It can drastically increase muscle mass in humans without some of the bad side effects found with steroids.

Today we are going to take a look at this exciting new compound. In this article, you will learn how RAD140 works, what dosage to take, and what side effects to look out for.

We will also discuss how to stack testolone with other SARMs to achieve your desired results.

Let’s jump right into it.

How RAD 140 Works

RAD140 works by binding to the androgen receptors in bone and muscle tissue. By selectively activating these receptors, this SARM causes a quick increase in muscle mass.

Testolone produces the same effects of Testosterone, without the androgenic side effects. This means that it won’t cause hair loss, deepened voice, or prostate issues. Many people use RAD for those reasons.

Benefits of Testolone

There are quite a few benefits of using this compound to achieve your desired physical goals. Here are some of them:

Build More Muscle

The most important benefit of RAD 140 is it’s ability to create new lean mass. Bodybuilders use it to pack on 10 to 15lbs of pure muscle mass at a time. It’s also proved in studies that this SARM can increase your weight by 10% in one month alone.

Increases Fat Loss

One aspect of this SARM that isn’t always discussed is it’s ability to burn fat. Most people consider testolone to be a bulking SARM, but it can actually be beneficial for dieting. In fact, studies show that RAD140 is responsible for a loss in body fat up to 5% in 2 weeks.

Increase Endurance

RAD 140 is the perfect solution for a “power athlete”. Anyone who competes in a contact sport will love it’s endurance increasing capabilities. While taking this SARM, you will see an increase of power in sprinting, pushing/pulling, and any other instance of using your body’s mechanical leverage.

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Side Effects of RAD140

If you plan on using this SARM, you need to know about some of the dangers it poses to your body. While SARMs are generally safe for most athletes, there are some things you should know.

The main side effect of RAD140 is how it suppresses testosterone. In males, your testosterone levels are responsible for sexual function, self esteem, energy levels, and more. Higher doses of RAD 140 have shown to decrease serum test levels.

The good news is that this effect is temporary, and will go away once you stop taking it. This is why it is so important to train hard while cycling. Get the most out of each cycle and you will be able to recover quickly in between.

Best RAD 140 Dosage

There’s a lot of confusing information online if you’re looking for the best dose to use of testolone.

I’ve seen people recommend 20mg, 30mg and even 50mg.

The truth is that these doses are high and unnecessary.

The best dose of RAD 140 is 10mg per day. You can increase to 20mg a day if you are monitoring your body and feel comfortable with the dosage increase. I do not recommend going any higher than 20mg, since the side effects can get pretty unbearable fast.

Half Life

The half life of RAD140 is 16hrs. For that reason, I suggest dosing half your daily amount in the morning, and the remaining amount 12 hours later. Doing it this way will make sure that the correct amount of the compound is in your body at all times.

Best Place to Buy RAD 140 Online

Now that we have those things out of the way, lets talk about online retailers. When SARMs first started hitting the bodybuilding market (2013 or so), there were a ton of great retailers. Unfortunately, many have been pushed out of the industry, and a lot have shut their doors.

The upcoming SARMs ban has prevented more companies from opening, and a lot of the old reputable companies are now selling bunk or fake products. It’s common to get sold a SARM and have it tested only to show that it’s actually prohormones.

For this reason, I recommend shopping at Proven Peptides since they have a good reputation. They have their products 3rd party lab tested for purity. Their customer service is second to none, and their shipping team is quick as well. I wrote a review about them and had their stuff tested and it passed.

Stacking Testolone

RAD140 is very powerful by itself, but I understand some people want to take things to the next level. If you do decide to stack it, I recommend using one of the following SARMs:


This combo is great for bulking and increasing size quickly. Take 20mg of RAD and 25mg of MK677 a day for 8 weeks.


If you’re looking to bulk up while also trimming some body fat, look into GW 501516. This combo is great for a recomp, and will also be a killer endurance booster.


What Results to Expect

Depending on what type of cycle you run, there are different results you can expect from RAD 140. For a traditional bulking cycle (20mg a day for 8 weeks), expect to gain 10 to 15lbs or muscle mass. For a leaner cycle of 10mg per day, you can expect to gain around 5 to 10lbs over 8 weeks.

Commonly Asked Questions

We’re committed to being the best source of information for health and fitness related subjects. As a result, we put together a FAQ section below. These questions are ones that we found people searching for. If there are other questions out there you want answered, just post them in the comments section below.

How Do I Store RAD 140?

You should always keep your SARMs stored in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from sunlight in something like a cabinet and it will last years and years.

How Long for RAD140 to Kick in?

You will start to feel it’s effects starting on day 1. About a week in, you will notice the increase in vascularity and hardness, and by week 3 you will look physically bigger. At the end of 8 weeks, you can expect to feel like a new person.

How Suppressive is RAD 140?

It is considered to be one of the more suppressive sarms. In my experience, testolone was more suppressive than LGD 4033 or ostarine.

Can RAD140 Cause Gyno?

No. You do not need to worry about it causing gyno because it does not convert to estrogen inside the body.

Will it Cause Hair Loss?

It should not, however if you are suffering from male pattern baldness, you should probably focus on all natural alternatives.

Final Review and Conclusion

Over all, RAD 140 is a great SARM for those who are looking to bulk up and gain muscle. For cutting, it can be paired with cardarine for great results as well.

Out of all of the available SARMs right now, this one appears to be one of the strongest. We’d recommend it to anyone who wants to be bigger, stronger, or faster.


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