Spiderman Workout: How to Train Like Peter Parker


Regardless of gender or age, everyone seems to love Spider-Man. While some people may not admit to it, everyone loves the young man who turned spider and tries to save the world from evildoers.

Multiple celebrities have played Spidey throughout the years, including Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield. All actors are between 5’8” and 5’10”. Holland weighed about 145 pounds for the role while Maguire weighed 155 and Garfield was 165. If you’re wondering what these actors had to do to get in shape, you’re not alone. Many fans want to know and recreate it for themselves.

How to Become a Spidey Superhero

While you aren’t likely to get Spider-Man’s superpowers, such as the ability to spit webbing from your palms or the ability to skirt skyscrapers, you can get his physique so that you look amazing and can impress your friends. You aren’t even required to wear a skin-tight superhero costume afterward or get a job as a news photographer.

Most of the men who have portrayed Spider-Man aren’t excessively huge and bulky. Therefore, their exercise routine is perfect for those who want a little more lean muscle and toning without going overboard or looking like they took steroids. Therefore, you are sure to be able to handle this workout, though you should consult with your doctor first.

The trick here is to have six-pack abs because it’s emphasized throughout the movies. Spidey in costume has those abs of steel, and the character does, as well.

spiderman workout

The Spiderman Workout Routine

Because you’re not focused on bulk and showy muscles, you aren’t going to train as hard as some athletes and celebrities (think John Cena and The Rock). Instead, you are going to use a workout routine that focuses on cardio, flexibility, and strength. Perform two days of strength training each week and three to four days of cardio, yoga, and plyometric activities the other days.

Upper Body

  • Clean and Press – While this exercise primarily works the shoulders, it also works the abdominals, lower/middle back, traps, triceps, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. This total-body exercise is done using a barbell. Add the appropriate amount of weight and stand in the center. Keeping your back flat, squat down to grab the barbell with palms facing the floor and spaced shoulder-width apart while keeping the bar close to the shins. Make sure your shoulders are over or slightly in front of the bar and extend the knees while pulling the bar slowly up the front of the legs. Once the bar reaches the knees, raise the calves (similar to a jumping motion), fluidly moving the bar upwards past the waist and resting at chest level, pushing the elbows outward. Stand up straight and raise the barbell to extend the arms fully. Lower the bar down to shoulder height and then fluidly down to the floor. Repeat three sets of 10 reps each.
  • Arnold Presses – With dumbbells, hold the weights about shoulder height with elbows bent and palms facing you. Raise the dumbbells outward from the body and overhead while rotating the palms to face away from you, extending fully without locking out the elbows. With control, lower the dumbbells the same way and repeat three sets of 10 repetitions each.

Lower Body

  • Leg Presses – Using the press machine, add appropriate weight to the rack, and sit on the platform, lying back comfortably. Place the feet on the overhead platform shoulder-width apart, ensuring that your knees don’t track past your toes. Press your feet upward without locking out the knees and, with control, lower them back to the starting position. Perform three sets of 10 reps each.
  • Weighted Lunges – Hold the dumbbells in each hand. Step forward with one foot so that the front leg is at 90 degrees and the back knee points to the ground or grazes the ground if possible. Stand back up with feet shoulder-width apart and repeat on the other side for one repetition. Repeat this exercise for three sets at 10 reps each.

Cardio/Flexibility Ideas

Spider-Man requires endurance because most of his work requires him to jump high, swing around on webs, and save the world, so he’s always in a hurry. Therefore, most of your work should revolve around cardiovascular workouts.

Options can include sprinting (short or longer distances), long-distance running or walking, and high-intensity workouts.

You should also incorporate plyometric or jump training. While old-fashioned exercises like jumping rope are fine, you can also choose to do box jumps. Just stand close to an elevated surface, such as a bench or box and jump up onto it and jump back down.

Flexibility training is also essential, so yoga or Pilates are an excellent addition. You can choose harder routines to strengthen the abs or do relaxing yoga routines to calm the body and relax it so that you’re recharged for the next week’s workouts.

spiderman diet

Eat like Spidey (The Spiderman Diet)

Most people focus primarily on the workout and building muscle, but if you don’t get your diet right, you’re never going to get results. While the actors who played Spider-Man went on a strict diet to chisel those abs, you don’t necessarily have to do that in your home routine. You can still get fit without giving up carbs or sugar.

The only thing you really have to do is get plenty of protein. Remember, if your goal is to build muscle, you have to break down the muscle fibers and then allow them to repair and protein helps you do that. Most professionals recommend that you get at least 0.7 grams per body weight pound. Therefore, if you weigh 140 pounds, you need at least 9.8 grams of protein each day from various sources.

If you follow the exercises listed and eat healthily, you’re sure to be on your way to having a body like many of the Spider-Man actors. Consistency is essential, but it’s also important that you tailor the workout and dietary ideas to meet your particular needs and goals. You may even want to choose to go as Spider-Man for Halloween this year or next!


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