Watermelon Diet: Can You Lose Weight Eating Nothing but Watermelon?


The internet is full of fad diets that all promise to deliver fast and relatively ‘easy’ results for those who want to lose weight and get fit for that special event. From diets that focus on taking pills to keep you fuller for longer (Garcinia Cambogia capsules) to diets that require you to only eat the food available to military personnel (Military Diet), there are few things that haven’t been tried by the masses to achieve the perfect body. Among the complex and even downright crazy, there’s a new fad diet that many have claimed to be successful: the Watermelon Diet. The Watermelon Diet focuses on eating, you guessed it, watermelon.

There are many different versions of the diet, but for most variations, watermelon serves as a meal replacement in the first few days of the diet. For others, it only replaces one or two meals in the day, while still others encourage eating regular meals, but in smaller portions with larger servings of watermelon.

Why Watermelon?

So, what gives? Why is watermelon the secret fountain of youth and health? In reality, watermelon has lots to offer those who are looking for health benefits. From aiding in digestion to blood sugar levels, watermelon seems to provide some sort of benefit to everyone.

Source of Fiber

Watermelon contains fiber that aids in good digestion. Fiber is the carbohydrate that’s responsible for getting all of the nutrients into your body and waste out of your system. Eating large amounts of watermelon can help increase fiber levels, and ultimately, help improve digestion over time.

Rich Supply of Water

Probably the most important reason for eating watermelon is the amount of water in it. It’s in the name! Watermelon has an astounding rough makeup of 92% water. It doubles down as a food and also as water for consumption, so you get nutrients while staying hydrated.

The fact that eating lots of watermelon is beneficial is understandable because increasing water consumption and staying hydrated are one of the big factors to having good health.

Helps Artery Health

Watermelons, and specifically watermelon rind, has a substance known as citrulline in it. Citrulline has been linked to improved artery function in subjects and can even assist in lowering blood pressure for some users.

Eating watermelon along with a bit of the rind may seem a bit strange, but it’s actually chocked full of nutrients and can provide a natural remedy to ailments compared to expensive medicines and treatment. It’s a cheaper alternative, but may not be a good idea without consulting your doctor and understanding the risks behind it.

Natural Sugar

Part of what makes watermelon the perfect fruit for this type of diet is the fact that it has a great amount of natural sugar in it. That makes it a lot easier and more enjoyable when you have to eat large amounts of it throughout the day. These natural sugars help keep you satisfied and take care of that sweet tooth that many people struggle with.

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How to do the Watermelon Diet

There are lots of variations of the Watermelon Diet, and most of them have similar phases. It’s important to mention that the Watermelon Diet isn’t meant to be used as a lifelong meal plan. In fact, the recommended time for following this plan is just five days. It’s simply a quick diet to help you lose weight fast, but shouldn’t be treated as a new lifestyle change.

Along that note, pregnant women, children, or adults with weak immune systems should avoid this diet altogether, as it can be very taxing on the body in the initial stages. The watermelon diet doesn’t really have a stable source of protein in it, so those people should avoid it to prevent deficiencies and further weakness development.

Starting the Diet

When you initially start the Watermelon Diet, you begin with just meals of watermelon. Each specific diet is different, but typically this lasts for two days. During this time, you should eat one pound of watermelon for every 30 pounds of body weight, according to one watermelon diet plan. That seems like a lot, but because you’re not eating anything other than watermelon during the initial stages, it needs to be that much so you remain full and satisfied.

After these days have passed, you begin to add in more nutritious foods and healthy alternatives to what you enjoy eating. You begin to add in more healthy foods, but still focus heavily on including watermelon as slices or juice throughout the day.

In the diets that incorporate other foods along with watermelon, there is more of a variety in meals. In those variations, the watermelon is an ever-present part of each meal, but it’s not as prominent as just eating pounds of watermelon for lunch. This version of the Watermelon Diet calls for options like grilled hake, asparagus, pumpkin puree, yogurt, and chicken breast to be included in your meals. You pair that with eating watermelon as a side and drinking its juice throughout the day to get those benefits in.

If this seems like a strict diet, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Again, it’s only meant to be practiced for five days and that’s with someone who’s perfectly healthy and can afford to skip out on excessive calories in the day. It’s always best to consult your doctor before taking on any diet, especially the watermelon diet.

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Expert Opinion

Many nutritionists and dieticians have said that the Watermelon Diet might be helpful for some people who want to kick start their weight loss journey with some fast results in the beginning. All agree that the Watermelon Diet isn’t meant to replace regular healthy meals and exercise and is just better left as a fad diet of five days.

So, it’s important to do everything in moderation. If you choose to follow the Watermelon Diet, chances are you’re going to get some form of results. But remember, you shouldn’t exceed five days of practice. You should have a solid plan to follow after you’ve completed this fad diet. You can take charge of your health however you want. Just remember lasting results come with hard work and time, not overnight.


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